ASIDIC was established in September 1968 when professionals from several information centers were brought together in Columbus, Ohio at the invitation of the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS). The centers were users of CAS magnetic tape resources and other electronic databases.

Discussion of problems and needs, coupled with encouragement from CAS, led to the formation of the Association of Scientific Information Dissemination Centers. Charter members included Eastman Kodak Company, IIT Research Institute, the Universities of Pittsburgh and Georgia, the Dow Chemical Company, and the National Science Library of Canada.

In 1976, ASIDIC changed its name to the current form, and membership was expanded to include database producers as full members. Today's association is composed of members representing both public and private organizations across the United States and around the world. Within the private sector, both for-profit and non-profit organizations are included.

ASIDIC is managed by the Executive Committee and focuses on various issues through other operating Committees. The chairperson of each committee reports on its activities at the meetings.