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Message from the President

ASIDIC remains one of the best values in the industry and we are focused on making the value even better in the coming years. We have been adding new members at a fairly consistent rate and they are not the traditional A&I type companies we have had in the past. New technologies and new ways to package content and information bring us a whole new group of potential members and we will work to take advantage of this as we continue our member growth.

ASIDIC was founded in 1968 and while the organization continues to evolve, the basic value has remained the same. We have kept the cost of membership and meeting attendance at a level that is very affordable for companies of all sizes, and from Sunday night to closing on Tuesday we provide learning, ample opportunities for networking, and time to have some fun. It struck me in my first meeting how friendly everyone was and how the leadership went out of their way to make me feel welcome to the meeting. It is still that way after all these years.

ASIDIC is a place where you can make friends, expand business relationships, stay up with the changing technologies, and help improve the organization with your ideas and your contributions. We continue to grow through active members.

I look forward to my term as president and will reach out to the members and guests for ideas on programs and meeting venues and to get ideas on the future direction of the organization.

Best wishes,

ASIDIC President