ASIDIC's member organizations represent links in the information chain-from electronic database publishers to online vendors to corporate librarians to professional researchers and other users of information services. While the products, markets, commercial property and financial structures of our membership are diverse, we are united by a common goal:

To foster, encourage, and improve the development, production, processing, storage, retrieval, dissemination and use of electronic information.

In support of its goals, ASIDIC strives to...

  • Stimulate cooperation and interaction among all types of information organizations
  • Provide a forum for the examination and resolution of technological, economic, and educational problems of electronic information transfer
  • Foster research into the applications of computer and telecommunications technology

Membership is available for any organization engaged in the electronic dissemination of information or in support activities for the electronic information industry or its user community.

ASIDIC is managed by an Executive Committee and focuses on various issues through other operating Committees. The chairman of each committee reports on activities at the twice-a-year meetings.