Benefits of Membership

  • Meetings - ASIDIC holds meetings every spring and fall. They offer executives at member organizations opportunities to learn about new information technologies and business activities. Members receive a discount on meeting registration fees.
  • Interaction - One of the key benefits of ASIDIC membership is the opportunity to interact with decision makers from a variety of sectors within the information industry - from suppliers to distributors to users.
  • Publications - ASIDIC publishes a newsletter that includes meeting summaries, organization profiles, committee reports, and other association news.  The newsletter appears twice yearly, several weeks after each meeting.  Contact the Newsletter Editor.
  • Outsell's Insight Newsletter - ASIDIC members receive a subscription to this weekly newsletter published by Outsell, Inc. on industry developments and an analysis of them.                                                         
  • Information Today Discount - ASIDIC members receive a discount on publications and conferences produced by Information Today, Inc.  The publications include such well known magazines as Searcher, ONLINE , and Computers in Libraries, and the conferences include Internet Librarian, Computers in Libraries, and Knowledge Management/Intranets.  Visit the Information Today website for a complete list of their publications and conferences. 


Classes of Membership
ASIDIC offers Full and Associate memberships.  There are two "tiers" of Full Membership, depending on the size of the organization.

  • Full Membership (large companies) - is available for organizations with ten or more employees engaged in the electronic dissemination of information or in support activities for the electronic information industry or its user community. Full members should be interested in improving information technology and promoting the use of electronic databases. Dues are $495 per year.
  • Full Membership (small companies) - is available for organizations with fewer than 10 employees plus Associate Members who wish Full Membership.  Dues are $250 per year.
  • Associate Membership - is available for individuals who are not employed by an organization with two or more employees.  Individual members are not eligible to vote at ASIDIC meetings.  Dues are $125 per year. 

    Memberships run for a calendar year, and renewal notices are sent out each year, generally in November.

How to Apply For Membership and Pay Membership Dues
To apply for membership, please click on the New Member Application link at the left and fill out the form. When you submit, it will be sent to the Executive Committee for a vote. Upon approval, you will be asked to return to this page and pay your dues by clicking on either the the Pay Full Membership (Large Company) Dues, Pay Full Membership Dues (Small Company), or the Pay Associate Membership Dues link at the left. If you wish to pay by credit card, simply fill out the invoice and submit it. If you wish to pay by check, please send it to the Secretariat at the mailing address below. In either case, you will receive a receipt by e-mail when your payment has been received.  If you are renewing an existing membership, please follow the same procedure (of course, the initial application and vote by the Executive Committee is not required in that case.)