ASIDIC Spring 2010 Meeting

LYRASIS Conference Center
3000 Market Street, Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA
March 23, 2010

SMART CONTENT: Uncovering the Value and Benefits of Semantic Technology  

For publishers, the race to compete in the face of technological challenges has never been greater. But some of those same technologies can be powerful tools to add value to your customers and differentiate yourselves from your competitors. One critical component of the new publishing strategy is making content "smarter." Smart content delivers added value to readers. Smart content can be packaged better by publishers and offered through any channel they choose. This spring ASIDIC is hosting a one-day session to introduce practical approaches to generating smart content. At the heart of the session, publishers and technology partners will present three successful case studies that solved real business issues. Come hear your peers describe the solutions they developed to make their content smarter.

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